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Healthy Breakfast



  • 101 high-protein recipes

  • Macro-friendly

  • Vegan

  • Easy to make

  • No complicated ingredients

  • Perfect for meal-prep

  • Tasty for all the family!


Recipes cover Breakfasts, Main Meals, Sweet Things and Snacks, Dressings & Sauces.

101 Recipes for only


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If you're trying to follow a plant-based diet and struggling to get enough protein without living on shakes, these recipe books are for you.


If you have no idea what to do with tofu, or how to make tempeh taste good, or, if you finally want to learn how to make your own seitan these recipe books are for you!

All recipes macro-counted and clearly displayed

Carbs and fat are balanced for an optimal ratio

No hard-to-find ingredients or complicated recipes

Quick and easy-to-make dishes that everyone will love!


Most recipes ready in 10-30 minutes


Available as an instant
PDF download!

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Are you tired of googling 'high-protein vegan recipe' only to either have to search for the macros or find out that 'high-protein' means 10 grams?! Yep! Me too!

That's why I created my own set of recipes here, most of which contain 20-30g of protein and balanced carbs & fat!

All 4 recipe books contain nutritionally balanced, super-tasty and easy-to-make recipes.

Breakfast: 25 easy-to-prepare high-protein recipes

Main Meals: 48 meal-prep-friendly filling dishes

Sweet Things & Snacks: 18 recipes to keep you going through the day

Dressings & Sauces: 10 tasty recipes to accompany any dish

Bonus! My Vegan Protein Manual (pdf) plus access to my Seitan Making Masterclass where you can cook along with me and make your own batch of seitan!



for all 4 books!

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From no idea what to eat to
delicious, nutritious and tasty
meals in under 30 minutes!

If you're looking to add new dishes to your rotation and want high-protein vegan meals - these are the books for you!


Whether you're new to plant-based eating or you're a seasoned vegan, there's something for everyone on these pages.


"Your cookbooks are amazing. I'm down 4lbs in 3 weeks, as well as 1" waist and 1" hips! Just following these recipes has made it easier to stick to my macros!"

— Claire

* Testimonials from clients who bought Recipe Book Bundle 1

About The Author


I'm Vicki - a certified Vegan Nutritionist and Precision Nutrition L1 Coach - and general all-around foodie!

I was tired of looking for recipes to fit my protein goals on a vegan diet without blowing up my carbs and fats, so I created my own!

These recipes have been tried and tested many times over and what I eat to fuel my training and stay lean all year round.

They are a staple in our household and loved by vegans and non-vegans alike!


Vicki x

Founder of Vegan Macros 101


101 Recipes for only


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