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Macro counting and fat loss program for Vegan women

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The Vegan Macros Method takes all the guesswork out so you can look and feel at the top of your game.

Does this sound like you?

Struggling to see results from your hard work in the gym?


Feeling overwhelmed with where to start with your diet?


Tired of seeing confusing and conflicting information everywhere?


Fed up of being in a calorie deficit and not seeing any progress?


Struggling to hit your protein goals


Tired of eating the same meals over again


Or you just don't understand vegan macros

There are too many cookie-cutter plans out there that don't tailor to you specifically, don't understand plant-based diets and don't take into account your past dieting history, metabolism, age or current training plan.


This is for YOU if you're READY to take control of your nutrition.


This program is for women who are action takers, and who are motivated to do what it takes to achieve their goals without sacrificing their health.

The answer you've been searching for...

This program is for you if you're a self-starter, driven and motivated to get long-lasting results, improve your overall health and performance and get the physique you've been working for on a plant-based diet.

That's why you'll have access to the 4 fundamental pillars for lasting fat loss;

1. Mindset: Get rid of your own limiting beliefs that are holding you back and finally be in the right headspace to get this done

2. Macros: An in-depth module that gives you a full understanding of nutrition and how to fuel your body to reach your specific goals

3. Making the plan: Learn how to find your exact TDEE, what your personal fat loss calories should be and how to get the macros right for your goals

4. Meal planning & prep: In this section, you'll have access to recipe books, sample meal plans and all the tools you need to learn how to meal plan and prep so you don't fail on your journey

- and so much more along the way!

By the end of the program, you will have the knowledge and tools to create your own 90-day fat loss plan where you can lose up to 20lbs of fat and learn what it takes to keep the weight off for good!

I will be teaching you proven methods to help you to fuel your mind and body and to feel more happy, healthy, and confident than ever!

What's inside the Vegan Macros Method Program?

Fast track membership with 30+ video lessons detailing exactly what macros are, how to calculate your own personal macros based on your goals, how much protein you need on a vegan diet and how to create your own 12-week meal plan to maintain muscle and lose fat!


How to plan and execute your diet in a way that protects your metabolism to make sure you don't plateau or have any rebound weight-gain


Troubleshooting Toolkit to keep on track so you are hitting your protein goals and tips how to reverse diet and much more!


6-months access to a dedicated private Facebook group where you'll get ongoing support and can ask questions


A vegan supplement guide to maximise health, manage hormones and build muscle

Plus the following bonuses so you're set up for success!

BONUS #1: 4 vegan high-protein ebooks with 85 recipes


BONUS #2: 12-weeks of sample vegan meal plans to give you structure and inspiration

What others are saying about Vegan Macros Method Program;

Meet Your Coach


I'm Vicki - a certified vegan nutritionist and Precision Nutrition L1 Coach and all-around foodie!

I have yo-yo dieted my entire adult life, struggled to figure out my vegan nutrition, and no matter which diet I tried, I couldn't get the lean, toned look I was after!

After years of self-study, trial and error followed by professional certifications, I'd love to coach you so you can finally get the results you've been working for.

I created the Vegan Macros Method for women who like me, are self-starters, tired of all the BS out there and motivated to reach their goals.

Vicki x

Founder of Vegan Macros 101

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If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 7 days!**

**We offer a 7 day 100% Money Back Guarantee, where you can request a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. This request must be received via email to within 7 days of the purchase date. After 7 days, refunds will not be possible and all appeals will be at the discretion of us. Your access to the program and any other materials and bonuses will be removed along with any digital subscriptions to any hosting platforms we use.  See our website T&C's for further details. By signing up you also agree to the GDPR rules & our Terms and Conditions.

2 Payment Options


One time discounted payment of


(Save $54)


3 Monthly payments of

3 x $117

(total $351)

  • What's included with the 8-week challenge?
    Included in the 8-week challenge are' 👉🏼 Personalised Nutrition Targets based on your goal 👉🏼 Tailored Recipe Starter Pack (28-35 hand-picked recipes to match your calorie & protein targets) 👉🏼 2 x Personal Progress Check-Ins on weeks 3 & 6 👉🏼 An 8-week strength training 3, 4 or 5 day plan for home or gym 👉🏼 Cardio protocols to accelerate fat loss results 👉🏼 Weekly live group coaching Zoom calls & Q&A sessions 👉🏼 Group Support in the app (not in Facebook!!!!) 👉🏼 Education! 👉🏼 Bonuses! (if you sign-up on an Early Bird special!)
  • Are meal plans included?
    Yes! I will create 28-35 recipes that are tailored to your starting calorie & macro goals. You will get 7x breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas along with snacks. These will be available in the app and also emailed to you as a PDF document for you to keep. These recipes will be available to you along with your calorie & protein target on Sunday, October 8th, provided you have filled out your onboarding form.
  • Do I need to be vegan to join?
    No! Not at all 😊 This is an inclusive program, no matter your food-choices you will learn so much. However, the recipes and discussions ARE entirely vegan focussed. This plan is perfect for you if you want to learn how to add more plant-based meals to your day.
  • What are the workouts like? What equipment do I need?
    You will have the option to follow either the home-gym or full gym training plans. The goal of the training plans is to build muscle using weights and progressive overload. There will be a 3, 4 or 5-day option and there are two phases, each lasting 4 weeks. For the full gym plan you will need access to barbells, weight and pin loaded machines as well as cables and bands. For the home-gym plan you will need access to dumbbells (with a range of weights) and bands - a barbell with plenty of weights would also be ideal, but not necessary.
  • Can I get support throughout the challenge?
    Absolutely! The beauty of this program is that you will gain access to the private group in my app where you will receive group coaching with Vicki. She will help you with any questions you have and you will also have support from the other members in the group. There will be a weekly live Q&A group Zoom call where you can have any questions answered, and there are also 2 personal check-ins throughout the program on weeks 3 & 6. You will submit your check-in via the app and then Vicki will review it and send you a personal video feedback reply.
  • How long do I have access to the app for?
    You will have access to the app for 8-10 weeks, depending on when you sign up. Unless you sign up for another challenge or for personal coaching you will lose app access on Saturday, December 2nd.
  • Is the app a calorie counting app?
    No it's not. The app will contain your personalised recipes, training plans, educational videos, group chat, step targets & progress. You will need to download a separate app such as Nutritionix, Cronometer or MyFitnessPal to track your calories.
  • Can this be done from anywhere in the world?
    Yes! This is all app-based so can be done from anywhere. You will workout on your own schedule and will receive a link to watch the replay of the group Zoom call if you cannot make it live.
  • Are there any strange ingredients for the recipes/will I be able to get ingredients in my country?
    Most of the recipes are made using whole foods and I really encourage you to eat as many single-ingredient foods as possible. However, when you sign-up you will let me know which country you are based in and I will then make sure that what's in your recipes is available where you are. Women based all over the world have done my challenges with no issues! So far we've had people from the USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Qatar, South Africa, Australia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand, Switzerland and Italy to name a few!
  • I'm already following my own training plan. Can I still join?
    When you sign up and fill out your onboarding form I will create your nutrition plan based on whether you will be completing my training or if you are doing your own. We've had women who are doing CrossFit programming or training for a Marathon take the challenge and get amazing results just from the nutrition-side of the program. However, if getting toned and building muscle is your goal, I highly recommend following a STRUCTURED resistance training program with progressive overload principles.
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Are you struggling to figure out how much protein you should have on a vegan diet?


Do you find macros overwhelming or you're not even sure why you should count macros? 

Join the free training to get clear on all this!

Does the idea of counting macros leave your head in a spin?

figure out how much protein you should be having on a vegan diet?

If you want to;

have a better understanding of what macros are?

understand the three things that are stopping you from reaching your goals?

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