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A full day of vegan eating at the end of a cut (high protein)

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share with you what a typical day of eating looks like for me when I get to the end of my diet.

As you might know, I always recommend cutting calories slowly and dropping them every few weeks for optimal fat loss and to retain lean muscle mass. And the other thing to do is to keep protein intake relatively high - around 0.8 - 1g per lb of body fat (I go over this in lots of detail in my free vegan macro counting training).

So, let's jump to it, shall we?!

I train at around 9am (this recently changed for me - I used to be a crack-of-dawn kinda gal), so this is my current eating schedule;

7:00am - I start my morning with a glass of lemon & ginger water followed by a juice or typically celery, ginger, apple, beetroot & carrot

7:30am - I then have breakfast which is typically 40g oats, 200ml plant milk, 1 scoop of vegan vanilla, banana or berry protein powder, 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon, 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds, 1tbsp crushed walnuts, 100g berries and 100ml pea milk in my morning coffee (33p | 45c | 16f

9:00am - Training session. I usually have 200ml of coconut water & 500ml of filtered water mixed with 1 scoop of creatine monohydrate, 1 scoop BCAA's & 1 electrolyte tablet (0p | 9c | 0f)

10:30am - Post workout I have 500ml of water mixed with 20g of vitargo (a super-quick digesting carb) and 25g vegan soy isolate (20p | 20c | 0f)

1:30pm (ish) - For lunch, I have homemade seitan (protein) with a veggie stir-fry or salad, sweet potato (carbs) & avocado or nuts & seeds (fats). (33p | 30c | 8f)

6:30pm (ish) - For dinner, edamame, soy or black bean pasta with mushrooms, onion & courgette served with a delicious silken tofu, cashew & nooch sauce. (30p | 12c | 11f)

9:00pm (ish) -And then before bed, I'll typically have a protein-rich meal of protein cookies or chocolate protein mousse or something like that 😋. (25p | 20c | 11f)

So, there you have it! All that comes to around 1550 calories, 140g protein, 140g carbs & 47g fat. I do have green veggies during the day which I don't count. If I'm hungry I'll generally fill up on broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cucumber sprinkled with a little nooch and soy sauce - which is sooooo tasty!

All of these dishes are so quick and easy to make and can be bulk-cooked to save time and ease during the week. And, all of these dishes can be found in one of the three recipe books which are included in the Vegan Macros Method - along with 3 months of sample meal plans or can be purchased on their own!

I hope you found this useful and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a lovely day and I’ll catch you soon.

Vicki x

Vegan Macros 101


If you're struggling to hit your protein goals without going over on carbs & fat, wondering what to eat, new to plant-based eating and don't know what protein options are available or you just want a shake-up in the kitchen - these books will be a game-changer for you!

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P.S Don’t forget the freebies if you haven’t seen them already;

Or, if you want to stop dilly-dallying and actually start taking control of your nutrition you can join the Vegan Macros Method where you can lose up to 15lbs of fat in 90 days. See you on the inside!

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