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Do Vegans Need More Protein?

This is something I see much debate and misinformation over, so, I made a little video for you to help get a better understanding of protein on a vegan diet!

OK, so now we've cleared that up - I hope you have some more clarity in hitting your protein goals!

Here's the PDCAA chart I mentioned. These slides were taken directly from one of the modules in my Vegan Macros Method program, where you learn all about this kind of stuff and more.

If you're looking for more information on how to reach your fat loss goals on a vegan diet then I have a load more resources for you!

Check out my recipe book bundle (currently on sale!) where you'll get 84 high-protein vegan recipes that are easy to make and all with calories and macro breakdowns included!

I also have a free sample meal plan that shows you a day of eating on 1700 calories with 140g protein or check out my FREE masterclass where I went over exactly what macros are and 3 the reasons stopping you from hitting your goals.

Let me know if you found this useful.

Much love.

Vicki x


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