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Programs and Coaching

with Vicki Jones

Learn how to calculate, plan and track your macros on a vegan diet to get the results you've been working for.
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Welcome to Vegan Macros 101!

Maybe you've heard about counting macros or 'flexible dieting', but you're not sure what that means, or how to make figuring out your macros on a vegan diet work?

Or maybe you used to count macros before you were plant-based and now you're struggling to make it work?

I totally get it, counting macros on a vegan diet can seem totally overwhelming and confusing!

That's why I've put together a range of personal coaching plans, programs and recipe books to make hitting those protein numbers and finally figuring out your nutrition on a vegan diet super easy and stress-free!

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If you know that nutrition is key, but you’re just not sure where to start, this 8-week program is going to give you the foundations, guidance and support to help keep you on track to reaching your goals!

If you're ready to;

Lose fat, build muscle and feel amazing!

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition & training

Be part of an incredible vegan community

Take part from anywhere in the world

Cut through all the confusing and conflicting information out there...

Then it's time to take control...


Fast track your results by getting personal online coaching

Working directly online with a nutrition & fitness coach is the fastest way to get you to your desired body goals.

What makes working with me different from other coaches, is I also strive to educate you along the way, so you're learning the 'why'  to everything, which then goes towards setting you up for continued success.

My personal coaching plans are completely customised to fit your lifestyle and your goals. We will work together intensively and you'll get the bespoke attention you need to make sure you don't fail.

Does this sound like you?

You've tried everything to lose weight and nothing is working now

You're a fitness enthusiast but are struggling to fuel your training or build muscle

You're entering menopause (or already there) and you have stubborn belly fat and unexplained weight gain you can't shift

You've hit a weight loss plateau and need to get things moving again

You want a customised nutrition plan that will get you to your goals quicker

You've been eating less than 1500 calories and not seeing results

You're new to a vegan lifestyle (or thinking of making the switch) and have no idea what to eat

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High Protein, Macro counted Recipes

  • 101 high-protein recipes

  • Macro-friendly

  • Vegan

  • Easy to make

  • No complicated ingredients

  • Perfect for meal-prep

  • Tasty for all the family!


Recipes cover Breakfasts, Main Meals, Sweet Things and Snacks, Dressings & Sauces.

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